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Going to the Karaoke! :D

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Going to the Karaoke! :D

It is a fun thing to do! And we all, if not all, love to sing.


Just a thought

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               The quote, “Money can’t buy happiness but I’d rather cry inside a BMW than a bike.”  Is something I cannot agree with because happiness is something that is psychological and is different from the comforts of life. Concise Oxford Dictionary teaches us that Comforts means a state of ease or freedom from pain whilst happiness means a feeling of pleasure and contentment. One may be rich but the wealth cannot buy the feeling of pleasure and contentment, it can only afford being in a state of ease or freedom from something. Happiness is priceless, having the feeling is priceless.

                Without happiness, you will feel a deep feeling of a gap in your heart, like something is missing that no matter how many times you buy life’s comforts, you do not feel contented and satisfied. Like something is still missing and none can fill that hole. It is God that is missing, as one cannot feel truly happy and complete without God. It is because it is Him alone who can fill the gap in.


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Seattle man relocates unwanted trees to give them a new life.


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          Love is defined as a deep feeling of affection to someone, a deep feeling of attachment.


         True love happens in the situation where no matter what the other person is doing, you still love them no matter how much they have hurt you, pushed you away and do whatever stuffs that can turn your love off to them.  Humans have not yet attained that kind of love, the one so called unconditional and eternal love. It is only God our Creator who has that kind of love from us notwithstanding our disobedience towards Him, He still loves us for what we are and for whom we are. Still he accepts our apology whenever we ask. I believe that humans cannot attain that kind of love like our Father. True love only exists in The Father to us and not us towards our partner because if that so has been attained, there would be no breakups and if there is, then no matter what the situation is, you will not do anything that can cause anguish to your partner for it is true love. It defies anything! Temptations for one.

         The Father’s love is truly Great and Intense that He even sent His only Begotten Son to save us all from the pits of hell.


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Ever feel like You are the only talentless person inside a room full of talented people? Ever feel like You are letting the people around you down? Have you ever asked God The Father that if everything happens for a reason, what is the reason for yourself? If you were really fated for that field you have entered, or not? It is like riding a roller coaster without putting on your seatbelt; a death wish in a metaphorical sense; it is really frustrating.  And when you have come to the point of breaking down, you are helpless and all you do is cry and scream your anguish in silence because no matter how many times you try, it is never going to get better. And when that phase is over, you start to doubt yourself.

There is no point crying over spilled milk because the tears you have shed will not restore back the milk. All you have to do is get up, smile and move on. Remember that life must go on no matter how hard the problem is because real life is not like the movies where every problem has a solution. One cannot apply those solutions the protagonists have applied in the movies; those are the story’s fictional characters made by the imaginations of people.

Truly I tell you, nothing’s going to make you feel better and help you become better but the touch of God’s hands and other people, be it through physical contact or emotional contact; their honest words of, encouragement and the realization that there is no point crying over something that is not polished. So when you fail, try to polish it ‘because if you’ll just let it remain a failure, it is like finding a diamond in the dark. You can feel that it is a diamond but doubt that it is so you left it there, remained undiscovered. It is the same with your talents and skills; it needs a lot of practice and polishing to make it near perfection.

Everything in life is compromised even pain; its existence is there to remind us that we live and that we are living in our mortal bodies. Imperfections too, remind us that no one can get something in an instant as no one can cheat in life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

This photo was taken 5 years ago.

I chose this photo because we were still at young age when this photo was taken and kids have Free Spirit!


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“The salty smell of the breeze of the see, the salty sound that it makes is relaxing than the cacophonies in the City.”