Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

          Love is defined as a deep feeling of affection to someone, a deep feeling of attachment.


         True love happens in the situation where no matter what the other person is doing, you still love them no matter how much they have hurt you, pushed you away and do whatever stuffs that can turn your love off to them.  Humans have not yet attained that kind of love, the one so called unconditional and eternal love. It is only God our Creator who has that kind of love from us notwithstanding our disobedience towards Him, He still loves us for what we are and for whom we are. Still he accepts our apology whenever we ask. I believe that humans cannot attain that kind of love like our Father. True love only exists in The Father to us and not us towards our partner because if that so has been attained, there would be no breakups and if there is, then no matter what the situation is, you will not do anything that can cause anguish to your partner for it is true love. It defies anything! Temptations for one.

         The Father’s love is truly Great and Intense that He even sent His only Begotten Son to save us all from the pits of hell.


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