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Ever feel like You are the only talentless person inside a room full of talented people? Ever feel like You are letting the people around you down? Have you ever asked God The Father that if everything happens for a reason, what is the reason for yourself? If you were really fated for that field you have entered, or not? It is like riding a roller coaster without putting on your seatbelt; a death wish in a metaphorical sense; it is really frustrating.  And when you have come to the point of breaking down, you are helpless and all you do is cry and scream your anguish in silence because no matter how many times you try, it is never going to get better. And when that phase is over, you start to doubt yourself.

There is no point crying over spilled milk because the tears you have shed will not restore back the milk. All you have to do is get up, smile and move on. Remember that life must go on no matter how hard the problem is because real life is not like the movies where every problem has a solution. One cannot apply those solutions the protagonists have applied in the movies; those are the story’s fictional characters made by the imaginations of people.

Truly I tell you, nothing’s going to make you feel better and help you become better but the touch of God’s hands and other people, be it through physical contact or emotional contact; their honest words of, encouragement and the realization that there is no point crying over something that is not polished. So when you fail, try to polish it ‘because if you’ll just let it remain a failure, it is like finding a diamond in the dark. You can feel that it is a diamond but doubt that it is so you left it there, remained undiscovered. It is the same with your talents and skills; it needs a lot of practice and polishing to make it near perfection.

Everything in life is compromised even pain; its existence is there to remind us that we live and that we are living in our mortal bodies. Imperfections too, remind us that no one can get something in an instant as no one can cheat in life.


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