Philippines: A mommentary walk into the past

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

                 “People often say that there were no civilization in the Philippines, not until the Spanish era. My article is here to try to disprove their notions. Before reading, I would like you to watch the Gintong Pamana on youtube, to be truly enlightened by some facts.”

              The term Civilization has been used primarily to denote complex principles of the people in terms of technology and culture. The word civilization in traditional view is used to put barriers between people that are “civilized” from savages, while in present-day perspective, “civilized” is used to separate “civilized people” from the primitive people. After weighing things and incessant searches of articles whether there was a civilization or not in the Philippines long before the Spanish era I came to the epiphany that Philippines have civilization long before Ferdinand Magellan sighted the mountains of Samar on March 17, 1521.

                As to the information I have gathered, it stated in the Philippine history that the first group of people to have set foot on the Philippines was the Negritos, followed by the Indones and the Malays; who dominated the archipelago. Relics, bones and bangas were found in different parts of the country, the fossil found at the Kuweba ng Tabon 22,000 years of age, in addition the Banaue rice terraces that are carved in the mountain of Ifugao and are 2000 years of age which shows that there were life forms and rich cultures many years ago– that was before the Spanish voyagers came here. Being civilized, our ancestors were able to live according to their characteristics and skills; others even made gold carvings or items that are 10 to 13th century old – that was also before Ferdinand Magellan came here to the Philippines.  Yes, there is no guarantee that the gold carvings, especially the Kinari, are made here in the Philippines and if it were our ancestors who made them but no one can also provide proof that those were made in other countries, and the details of the gold carvings are so “Filipino” – as the speaker of the video was trying to imply. Furthermore, it was said on the video that the early Filipinos are good at seafaring and are traders of other countries which are also a good indicator that our ancestors have a complex knowledge when it comes to sea navigation.

                Though the early Filipino people or the Philippines is not that much of a well-developed civilization like China and other neighboring countries where they have built megalith structures, one cannot deny the fact that Philippines in a small scale have civilization, the idea that one says no is because he or she is comparing its civilization to bigger countries thus covers the small and other not-so-small things that shows civilization in the country.


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