A Reflection on English

Posted: August 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Language is hands down the easiest and most efficient way of communication. We, humans who are lucky enough to be able and are capable to speak and communicate verbally with other human beings are at the same time blessed and cursed with the power of effective verbal communication. Blessed, in the sense that we do not have to use antennae or produce vibrations in order to communicate, with that, we experience less hassles and more peace of mind upon doing our daily rituals and our land as a whole may advance. Cursed, on the other hand in the sense that, some people use their power to speak and communicate efficiently and eloquently to manipulate the gullible minds of the mass, to gain power, for control, deceit and some are even oppressed and barred from speaking freely, which violates the human rights of having free speech which is not only politically wrong but morally wrong, too. It may come off as ironic and contradicting when I wrote that, “some people use their power to speak efficiently and eloquently to…”, then ended with, “rights of having free speech and human rights”, the latt0er when thought thoroughly and put next to the first statement simply means that the power of speech should not be used in a way that could get two nations at war. Whenever I hear or read the word “English”, England and the English people pops out of nowhere in my mind. Maybe it is because ENgland is where everything started and they have the English language as their pre-marital language. English as a subject or unit to me, not only English but all the other language subjects that involve critical thinking and decision making should not be taken for granted and approached carelessly with the mindset, “It’s okay, it’s only English, it’s very easy. It’s just this and that.” – A big NO, English and all the other subjects that involve all the said ability and the affinity should not be loomed with that kind of mentality because English is not all about being able to talk using the language, it has something to do with careful decision making upon choosing the most appropriate word in order to avoid misconceptions from the audiences and to convey the meaning successfully; It practices your ability in careful choice of words. English just like Mandarin and other major languages did not only exist to be spoken; it exists for the people to be united since having the same language is the one thing that may unite people in one place, subsequently, they can understand each other with that.

Unlike animals, the means of communications by us, humans are very sophisticated because communication is made easier by language, we can modify the language and transmit them to other human beings which makes them easier than just non-verbal communications and roaring of the lower class of species in the animal kingdom.

To conclude my short reflective essay about English, I want to speak eloquently as time flies without getting anxious about the stare of the people that can somehow pierce through the very depth of my soul, not get a mini heart attack when it comes to approaching others and have a perfect grammar in English that I may not be laughed at for having constructed an ungrammatical sentence.

  1. Angelette Jewel Yap-Alvarado says:

    EXCELLENT! I thought I was reading the article of an expert writer. Keep it up JoelDeen !

  2. Roro Lastimoso says:

    Very well said 🙂 Keep it up ^^ More powers Joel..

  3. Merdi says:

    I agree with this article! Very well said. Haha. :))

  4. Isay Pabayo says:

    OMG! as in? imo ni? Nosebleed hahahaha. Awesome :DD

  5. Iris Macarat says:

    i was astonished just by reading this article, can’t wait for your next one i hope. keep it up joel deen, you are doing great 😀

  6. Kral Amelitz says:

    tl;dr 😉
    But I think the article is great. I’m actually basing on the replies.

  7. a great man, with a great mind. 🙂

  8. yanrui68 says:

    Excellent! like a professional writer..:3

  9. About the last part, I know you can that.
    I can see that by the way you participate in class.. GO JOEL!! hahahaha 🙂
    A good essay to read. 🙂
    Keep it up!!

  10. hartiny says:

    Excellent! 🙂 You’re good in writing Joel! Keep it up! 🙂 Just be yourself! 😀

  11. joeldeen says:

    Sorry guys for the indention, I tried editing it, but wordpress won’t let me.

  12. Shaii says:

    Wow! You never fail to amuse me with your writings babe 😀 . I know you’ll always do good in this field.

  13. Yapzzkin says:

    result sa pag sigeg himog essay last and the other year?

  14. erlynmae says:

    Job well done JoelDeen 🙂 Two-Thunbs up 😀 AMAZIING 😀

  15. mavreen says:

    ikaw ra jpon ang cacho nga aqng na ilhan sa upat ka tuig nga ming agi xD wahahah

  16. Servan John Enriquez says:

    Such an excellent job, Mr. Joel Deen Cacho.

  17. Rama says:

    Super Duper EXCELLENT ! Next time you feature my story :))) That would be great! Good Job! Deen :)) #SoProud

  18. cjpartosa says:

    Nice one Joel:)
    (speechless that is)


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